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GPS Address: 149 Homan Lane, Centre Hall, PA 16828-0271

Mailing Address: PO Box 271, Centre Hall, PA 16828-0271

Phone Number: 814-364-9212

Email for the Fair Office: [email protected]

Advertising Inquiries: [email protected]


If you are interested in concessions for this year’s Fair, contact Grange Fair Concession Secretary Barbara Gates by email at [email protected] or by phone at (814) 364-1522. New Vendors – Download our printable form. Previous vendors will be contacted by mail.

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2022 Committee Officers

President – Barry Yarnell, Phone: (814) 880-4912
1st Vice President – Lisa Butler, Phone: (814) 404-3050
2nd Vice President – Ralph Homan, Phone: (814) 206-6076
Treasurer – Lois Chambers, Phone: (814) 355-2081
Assistant Treasurer – Diane Snyder, Phone: (814) 777-2449
Secretary – Tawna Smith, Phone: (814) 441-5808
Assistant Secretary – LaTrisha Hough, Phone: (814) 571-2860
Tent Camp Secretary – Darlene Confer, Office: (814) 364-9212
Assistant Tent Camp Secretary – Shirley Heidrich, Phone: (814) 237-2281
Entertainment – Kris McCloskey, Phone: (814) 360-5756
RV Camp Secretary – George Witherite, Phone: (814) 360-1845
Assistant RV Camp Secretary – Carrie Friday, Phone: (814) 360-1845
Concessions – Barbara Gates, Office: (814) 364-1522 – New Vendor Form
Merchandise – LeDon Young, Phone: (814) 364-1495

Committee Members

The Fair Committee is comprised of elected members from the local Granges.

2022 Committee Members

Belinda Bracken
Lisa Butler
Lois Chambers
Darlene Confer
Eileen Cramer
Robert Davidson
Ashley Furman
Barbara Gates
Ben Haagen
Shirley Heidrich
Jeff Holden
Ralph Homan
Latrisha Hough
John Howell
Ed Jodun
Matt Kennis
Debbie Kerstetter
Tom Long
Denny McCloskey
Kris McCloskey
Lisa Musser
Matt Naylor
Barb Richard
Jennie Rogers
Tawna Smith
Diane Snyder
Krystal Wasson
Shelly Weaver
George Witherite
Barry Yarnell
LeDon Young


General Manager – Darlene Confer, Office: (814) 364-9212
Grounds Superintendent –  Office: (814) 364-9674
Marketing & Sponsorships – Office: (814) 364-2238
Chief of Security – Leon Brown, Phone: (814) 364-9720
Vocational Agriculture – John Howell, Phone: (814) 422-8087
Cooperative Extension – Matt Germino, Phone: (814) 355-4897

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